What is BERMUDY?

You never know where you finally come when you seat in a taxi, bus, plane or train. The way that you are following is only your assumption, but the circumstances and everything around can play with you a tricky game and bring you to the totally different, mysteriously hidden  destination. Somewhere that you'd never expected, you were never aware about and somewhere that nobody will get to know.

BERMUDY is a Real-Life Escape Room in Wroclaw. It's a puzzled space for those who are passionate in traveling, adventures and exploring the world. The world that once was discovered by Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Christopher Columbus and YOU. So, challenge yourself in a quest game and become the truly admitted explorer. Make your input in discovering the places that are still hidden from the people's eyes.

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Booking Slots

Opened: Monday - Sunday

Game sessions start at:
10 am, 11:30 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm, 4 pm, 5:30 pm, 7pm, 8:30 pm

Closed on Public Holidays


Game duration - 60 min

 - Fee 125 PLN/ game
 - Team size can vary from 2-4 persons
 - We offer Birthday discount
-10% on the same date upon proof shown
 - And we offer
-7% discount for referral of our Escape Room to your friends

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If you are lost on our web-page, just cantact us and we'll help you to found out yourself :)

How to prepare?

Don't worry, if you are playing the quest for the first time. We'll help you to prepare to your game. Here are some tips & steps.

How to prepare?

  • Book your visit on a suitable time-slot.

  • Don't forget to ask for a Bonus if you are in the cases to have it.

  • Save you booking details to your calendar and share it your team.

  • On the day of your booking before the visit read the Regulations that you'll be asked to sign in our office.

  • Come with your team 15 minutes earlier to be instructed before the game session.

  • Ger your free coffee/juice if you do come in time (15 minutes in advance).

  • Enjoy one-hour game and discover the puzzle we've prepared to you! :)


Contact Us

Welcome:   Jedności Narodowej 45/1, Wroclaw

Call us:       +48 729 808 161, +48 794 917 992

Text us:       bermudyquest@gmail.com

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