I. Introduction

This set of rules are for visitors and consumers of services provided by ‘Escape Room BERMUDY’ (called ‘Escape Room’ and meant as services provider further in the below text). Here and after they are called ‘Regulations’ and coordinate terms and conditions of services consumption.

‘Service’ or ‘Game’ – a real-life quest-game that take place in the premises of ‘Escape Room’ with all below mentioned conditions.

‘Visitor’ – here and after are visitors of Escape Room who make booking of a game session in order to play a real-life quest-game.

‘Game Master’ – staff in the Escape Room premises who coordinate and manage the game sessions.

Visitors of Escape Room are in charge to be acknowledged with these Regulations and follow them whilst ordering the Service and playing the Game

II. Main Conditions

  1. Booking of the Game can be done in the next ways:

    1. Online Booking functionality on a web page www.bermudyquest.pl called ‘Book NOW!

    2. By calling on cell. +48 729 808 161; +48 794 917 992.

    3. By writing on email bermudyquest@gmail.com

    4. At the office of ‘Escape Room’ (Jednosci Narodowej, 45, room 1, Wroclaw)

  2. Booking can be cancelled at least 24 hours before the Game time and date by sending email on address mentioned in II.1 above, calling on cell or in person at ‘Escape Room’ premises (also mentioned in II.1 above). Otherwise, 100% of payment are charged and fee is nonrefundable.

  3. Fee payment must be executed in advance via presumed booking functionality and sales channels of the Services.

  4. There can be between 2 and 4 members (Visitors) in a team (group) for the Game in a one-time visit.

  5. Visitors are asked to come 15 minutes earlier before their Booking time of the Game.

  6. Visitors’ belongings should be left in a specially prepared storage boxes outside the Game room and not used during the Game session. Violation of this rule can be a reason to stop the Game by the Game Master and request the Visitors to leave the Escape Room.

  7. The task of the Visitors and team is to solve all puzzles placed in the Escape Room’s premises (namely – physical room) and exit the room in 1-hour time (60 minutes). If puzzles are not resolved in a determined time, the team should leave the room with the help of the Game Master instructions.

  8. Whilst playing the Game the Game Master supervise the playing process, support in puzzles solving and is constantly in contact with Visitors via suggested channels of communication.

  9. Visitor consume the Services by playing the Game of his/her own will and is responsible for taking all risks on him/her during the visit of ‘Escape Room’ premises.

  10. The Escape Room and the Game Master hold the right to reject in playing the Game when Visitors (all playing group/team) come later than 15 minutes before the Game start. Decision to let the team play is taken by the Game Master. Playing time should be shortened respectively to the delay time, but not affecting the next Game sessions according to the booking schedule of the Escape Room.

  11. The presence of minimum one Adult in during the Game is required.

  12. Visitors who are affected by alcohol or drugs will not be admitted to the Game.

  13. Visitors who are either pregnant or sicken on the next illnesses are taking part in the Game playing on their own will, responsibility and risk: heart diseases, claustrophobia, epilepsy, mental illnesses and disorders.

  14. Breaking the above mentioned rules and conditions can be a substance for the Escape Room and the Game Master to reject in Services consumption and the Game playing itself. In cases 10 – 11 mentioned above the  group/team of Visitors won’t be refunded with earlier paid fee for the Services.

  15. Filming and taking photos are prohibited in the Escape Room premises. Breaking of this condition will be treated as stolen of the Escape Room intellectual property and may be the reason for further legal sequences and processes.

  16. Visitors must take care of interior and design elements (furniture, objects and parts) of the Game room. By agreeing on these Regulations they are pledge their word not to break or damage anything in the Game room; they won’t use any physical force to solve the puzzles inside the room.

  17. Some of the Room Elements are specially marked and are not part of the puzzles in the Game. The Game Master will instruct Visitors before the Game session those special marks. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions and don’t touch or use those marked objects.

  18. In case of any damage of loss made during the Game sessions (namely – by breaking the condition in 16 above), they agree to cover the loss based on the Game Master’s appraisal.

  19. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are prohibited at the premises of the Escape Room.

  20. In the emergency cases Visitors must contact the Game Master, ask for help or/and support and follow the emergency exits specially marked inside the premises.

  21. Visitors agree to let the Escape Room use their Data provided during the booking and the Game itself for Services provision purposes.

  22. Visitors agree to let the Escape Room and the Game Master execute audio-video recording during the Game session. They have right to agree or refuse make their photos for promotion purposes after the Game in the Escape Room premises. They may agree or disagree to have their photos being published free of charge on the promotion channels & social network accounts of the Escape Room.


III. Closure Terms

Civil Code regulations are applied in all cases not regulated by this Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Сonditions